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Charity & Patronage of Arts

ФПК Гарант-Инвест, Благотворительность и меценатство, Ритейл Парк

Charity and arts patronage are an integral part of the Garant-Invest Group’s corporate philosophy.

ФПК Гарант-Инвест, Благотворительность и меценатство, Ритейл ПаркФПК Гарант-Инвест, Благотворительность и меценатство, Ритейл Парк

Garant-Invest Group is a partner of a number of public and social organizations. The Group provides them with charity support, acts as a sponsor or a patron, maintains the sponsorship traditions. As an owner and developer of prime commercial properties we understand the impact that we can have on our customers, other stakeholders and the environment.
Garant-Invest Group has been providing a charity support in organizing different events among which are: “I am an Author” - the Russian National Festival of Children’s Artistic Creativity under the aegis of the Russian National Society of Disabled People; “The Maly Theatre - to the Great Victory!” - a tour devoted to the 65th anniversary of the Victory; “Voices over the River Reach” International Chaliapin Contest. On repeated occasions the Group provides organizational and financial support to the younger generation: revamp of children’s play and sports grounds, assistance to child development centers, including those for handicapped children and orphans; it supports Soprichastiye Children’s Fund (a fund for assistance to children with drug dependence), to an orphan asylum in Kolomna and to the Centre of Extracurricular Work on Sumskoy. The Group acted as a sponsor of children’s sporting events, festivals of children’s creative work, competitions and children’s drawing exhibitions.
The Group also assists to low-income families and families of military servicemen, who have died during fulfilment of special assignments as well as to the Foundation for Protection of Family, Maternity and Childhood. Garant-Invest Group takes participation in «A Million in Small Change» charity programme to raise funds for oncologic patients. Discounts to pensioners, students and children of low-income families are given regularly in Moi Magazin Retail Chain.
Garant-Invest Group acts as a sponsor and organizer of the concerts performed by famouse artists, poets and composers as well as exhibitions of paintings of honourable masters. The Group improves public gardens and squares and creates modern comfortable landscapes in the territories adjacent and close to our shopping centres and stores. The Group contributes to the development of sports, provides support to athletes, teams and veterans of sport.
ФПК Гарант-Инвест Торгово-Развлекательный Комплекс «Москворечье»

ФПК Гарант-Инвест Торгово-деловой Комплекс «Тульский»
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