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Prazhsky Grad SC is a modern shopping center located right next to Prazhskaya Underground Station entrance at the intersection of busy traffic highways and not far from Varshavskoe high-road.
Its proximity to the underground station and public transport stops, unique location and convenient parking attract a great number of visitors to the shopping center.
Prazhsky Grad is located in a high density area of Moscow – Chertanovo Tsentralnoye, where civilized forms of trade have lacked historically. Modern architecture, spacious galleries, high quality interior distinguish Prazhsky Grad SC favorably from other shopping centers of this area. Famous shops underline its popularity. In the shopping center you will find Moy Magazin Supermarket, Zdorovye Lyudi Pharmacy, Tervolina Footwear Store, a large children’s goods shop Korablik, ION Digital Center, LeKiKo Woman’s Accessories Store, Pronto Italian Café, various services providers.
At Parzhsky Grad SC much attention is paid to the visitors’ convenience and comfort. Various promotional actions, entertainment and festive events including those connected with the history and traditions of Prague and Prazhsky Grad are held on the regular basis.
For the people of the district Prahzsky Grad shopping center has become not only a regular shopping place but also a part of daily life and rest.

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