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Shopping centres

Moskvorechie Shopping and Entertainment Centre
Moskvorechie Shopping and Entertainment Centre
next to Kashirskaya metro station.
Total floor area - 30 000 sq. m. Parking lot - 430 car spaces.
Opening - 3Q 2013.
New Khimki Shopping Centre
New Khimki Shopping Centre
Moscow Region, Khimki, intersection of Melnikov avenue and Druzhby street
Completed in 2011.
Gallery Aeroport Shopping Centre
Gallery Aeroport Shopping Centre
62A Leningradsky Avenue. Total floor area - 12 000 sq. m.
Opened in May 2003.
Retail Park Shopping Centre
Retail Park Shopping Centre
97 Varshavskoye Highway. Total floor area - 47 000 sq. m. Parking lot - 1 100 car spaces.
Opened in December 2005.
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